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About Me 

Hello, my name is Natasha and I’m from London, England. I’ve always been a very enthusiastic and voracious reader, it started with Road Dahl, Jaqueline Wilson and Meg Cabot with Matilda,Tracy Beaker,The Princess Diaries and The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson being just a few of my favourite childhood reads. 
As an adult I’ve only become more passionate (and even more voracious) as a reader and have been reading, reviewing and connecting with other passionate book lovers on Instagram and goodreads.
But I wanted to engage with more people and talk more about books without the pesky character limit social media tends to have, so here I am with my very own Book blog. 
I do enjoy reading a wide variety of genres but YA Fantasy, Contemporary and Romance are my all time faves, I do also enjoy Historical fiction when paired with romance or fantasy. 
I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can also find me over on my Instagram page, @natashaleighton_. Feel free to add me, I love interacting with other book lovers and am always on the lookout for new people to follow. 


Review Policy 

I am not currently accepting review requests at this time. But I do have a bit of a backlog and so I’m currently having to be very picky. All requests that make it clear you haven’t read my review policy/list of acceptable genres/acceptable review requests will unfortunately be deleted. 


Things I’m not accepting:

 •Non Fiction—I very rarely read this genre but I’m extremely selective so I just don’t take requests for it.



Genres I Read 


 •Contemporary YA (usually involves romance) 

•YA Fantasy (I can be pretty picky) 

•YA Historical Fiction (I’m very picky with this genre) 

 •Sci-fi (not a genre I read often, I’m very picky) 


 •Literary Fiction  

• “Chick Lit” or Women’s Fiction


• Fantasy (picky) 

•Historical Fiction (I’m extremely picky with this genre) 


What Forms I Will Accept: 

• Physical Copy (ARC or Hardcopy)

• Digital Copy (EPUB or Kindle) 

I’m not currently accepting audio book review requests at this time 


What you should include in your review request:

•Summary and genre

•Release date

•Any relevant info such as anything that shows why this would be perfect for me based on the content on my blog.

•If there’s a timeframe for when you expect a review to be posted, do let me know as this will very much factor into my decision.


What happens if I accept your review:

 Even if I accept your request, I can’t guarantee it will be read immediately or that I’ll post immediately after reading. I do my best to read in a timely manner but sometimes it’s not possible. If the book is an ARC I’ll try to post on or near to the publishing date. I also try to post my reviews to Goodreads in addition to on my blog.


Also please bear in mind that this blog is something I do in my spare time and that I’m not paid to do so, which means I cannot accept and sometimes I might not be able to respond to every request. I do really try and I am honoured that you want me to read your work—that means the world to me! 


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Privacy Policy

I take the privacy of my readers here at Artfully Bookish very seriously, and I do not share any personal information collected with third-parties. Please make sure you  read through this page to understand a bit more about what information is collected. This privacy policy is  subject to change without notice.

The Information Collected

Usually, your information is collected when you do one of the following things :

•Enter your contact information while commenting 

•Submit a contact form

•Email me a review request 

•subscribe to my blog using your email

In each of these instances you’re usually asked to submit your name, email address, and website (if applicable). I don’t share this information with any third parties and it’s used to send you email subscriptions (if your subscribed by email), to respond to email queries, and to accept or deny review requests.